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Esophageal Manometry Test in New Jersey

The Digestive Health & Nutrition Center has two convenient locations in Lawrenceville and Princeton, New Jersey where you and your family can receive the exceptional care you deserve. Dr. Angela Merlo is an experienced Gastroenterology specialist and is highly skilled the technique of Esophageal Manometry.

What is Esophageal Manometry?

High resolution Esophageal Manometry is an advanced technology that records pressures from the rhythmic muscle contractions within the esophagus during swallowing. The force and coordination of muscle activity during swallowing is also analyzed. A measure of refluxed stomach contents back up into the esophagus is also obtained. The technique is a vast improvement over previous techniques in that pressures are obtained simultaneously from 36 locations along the entire length of the esophagus. This means shorter study times and enhanced patient comfort. The procedure involves placement of a specialized catheter through the nose into the esophagus and then into the stomach. Pressures are recorded from 36 sensors in the catheter during swallows of salt water. The study duration is about 20-minutes and is not painful. Dr. Merlo can perform this procedure for you at the Lawrenceville office of the Digestive Health & Nutrition Center.

Is Esophageal Manometry the Right Test for Me?

Dr. Merlo will discuss with you your symptoms and results of previous tests. Dr. Merlo will help you determine if Esophageal Manometry is the right test for you. Esophageal Manometry provides valuable information to help Dr. Merlo reach the right diagnosis and formulate the best treatment for patients with

Esophageal manometry is also useful to exclude some systemic diseases that involve the gastrointestinal tract. Esophageal Manometry is a critical part of the pre-surgical evaluation in patients considering sleeve gastrectomy for obesity.

If you or a family member is experiencing symptoms or if you are interested in Esophageal Manometry testing, please contact the Digestive Health & Nutrition Center for an appointment. Dr. Merlo will expedite your care.