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Our Practice

The Digestive Health and Nutrition Center maintains two fully-staffed offices at Lawrenceville and Princeton. Angela Merlo, M.D. is renowned for her expertise in a variety of specialized procedures that offer her patients the most accurate diagnoses and lead to the most positive outcomes. Dr. Merlo employs techniques that range from non-invasive to completely interventional in nature. Angela Merlo, M.D. is the physician founder and proprietor of the Digestive Health & Nutrition Center, established in 1990 in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Dr. Merlo has provided consultative and interventional Gastroenterology to adults as well as children for over two decades.

Relief from Discomfort

Struggling with gastrointestinal difficulties can be both painful and hard to discuss openly. Too often, this results in many people suffering in silence far longer than necessary before looking for help.

At the Digestive Health and Nutrition Center, we strive to provide a comfortable, friendly atmosphere in which you can discuss your problems, leading to the discovery of the underlying root cause of your condition and a proven, effective treatment that offers long-lasting relief.

Improving Health with Advanced Treatment Options

Dr. Merlo is recognized as a leading gastrointestinal diagnostician, who is supported by her experienced staff and in-house, cutting-edge technology. Once you have been properly diagnosed, you will receive the very latest in innovative solutions and care, from lifestyle and dietary changes, to medication, therapy, and surgery.

We take the time to thoroughly explain our diagnosis, as well as your options for treatment. This ensures that you possess all the required information to make the correct decision regarding your individual care.

Non-Invasive and Minimally-Invasive Procedures

These procedures are performed by Dr. Merlo at The Digestive Health and Nutrition Center. She employs these methods to search for digestive function disorders. They include deficiencies of digestive enzymes, intestinal bacterial overgrowth, malabsorption of vitamins and nutrients, inflammatory gut conditions, and acid reflux. Dr. Merlo also offers tailored nutrition advice that can lead to remedies without needing treatment through prescription medications.

Dr. Merlo also offers:

Interventional Upper Endoscopy and Colonoscopy

Dr. Merlo employs these advanced techniques to complement basic endoscopies and colonoscopies. They may offer complete remedies, enhanced diagnosis, or complement a complete approach to conditions that involve numerous medical specialties.

If you need a colonoscopy but do not want any discomfort, Dr. Merlo offers her experience and expertise for each procedure. She will take the time to thoroughly address any concerns you may have and will minimize any discomfort during your procedure. Most patients choose to be sedated, but Dr. Merlo has also performed many procedures without sedation.

Dr. Merlo provides:

  • Mucosal biopsies and resection
  • Cancer screening and monitoring
  • Tumor removal and removal of pre-cancerous growths
  • Control of bleeding using injection and coagulation
  • Foreign bodies removal
  • Ablation of unresectable tumors
  • Marking for precision surgical excision
  • Stricture dilation
  • Pre-operative evaluation for bariatric surgery and other surgeries

Office Hours

Appointments with Dr. Merlo are available most weekdays Monday – Friday, with some late nights available until 7:00 pm. The Digestive Health & Nutrition Center hopes to reply to your request within 12 hours on most weekdays.