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PillCam Colonoscopy Capsule | Swallowable Pill. Non-Invasive Colon Exam


PillCam Colonoscopy Capsule | Swallowable Pill. Non-Invasive Colon Exam

The PillCam or capsule colonoscopy is a revolutionary new way to perform colon exams. The swallowable capsule encases a small camera that provides your physician with a clear, direct view of the entire colon to detect the occurrence of bleeding or polyps (abnormal growths that can lead to colorectal cancer.) The PillCam’s advanced technology provides patients with a non-invasive colon exam. This technique has been utilized for many years to diagnose conditions in the small intestine and is now available for the colon.

The PillCam Capsule Colonoscopy is available at the Digestive Health and Nutrition Center, located in Lawrenceville and Princeton, NJ. Dr. Angela Merlo is fully trained and expert at performing this procedure. To learn more or schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Angela Merlo online or by calling 609-896-0800.

Benefits of the PillCam Colonoscopy Capsule

  • FDA approved, safe and effective
  • Non-Invasive
  • No pain or discomfort
  • No sedation, no Anesthesiology fee
  • Drive yourself  to and from your procedure
  • No need to stop critical medications
  • Continue normal activities
  • Advanced technology detects polyps

The Importance of Colon Exams

Each year, more than 1.4 million people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer. This distinguishes colorectal cancer as the third most prevalent and the second most deadly cancer worldwide. One of the main reasons for the high mortality rate is an absence of symptoms during the early stages of the cancer’s progression. Fortunately, with regular screenings, many types of colorectal cancer can be detected in its early stages (while the cancer is still highly treatable.) More fortunate yet, colon exams can prevent colorectal cancer by detecting polyps while they are still precancerous, allowing your GI doctor to remove the polyps before they become cancerous.

The Traditional Colonoscopy

The traditional method for colorectal screening is the notorious colonoscopy. Even though the American Cancer Society recommends adults receive regular colon exams starting at age 45, many candidates skip screening, largely in part to the invasive nature of a traditional colonoscopy.

In preparation for a regular colonoscopy, the patient must fast and take laxatives to cleanse the digestive tract. In many cases, the patient must stop taking certain medications. Before the procedure, the patient will be sedated to help them relax. During the Colonoscopy, the GI doctor inserts a long, flexible tube (called colonoscope) into the rectum and up through the colon to search its lining for polyps or tumors. If a polyp is found, the GI doctor performs a polypectomy (removing the abnormal growth using a wire attached to the colonoscope.) Because of the sedation, colonoscopies require facility admittance, an anesthesiologist, a caretaker to drive the patient home, and a restriction to the patient’s normal daily activities.

Colon Exams Using the PillCam

The PillCam is a colonoscopy in a capsule. During the procedure, the patient swallows a capsule the size of a multivitamin. Inside the capsule is a state-of-the-art camera that captures images as it naturally passes through the digestive tract. Data from the capsule colonoscopy is transmitted to a small recorder that the patient wears in a comfortable pouch strapped to their body. The disposable capsule eventually passes through the body during a bowel movement. The PillCam’s advanced technology provides your gastroenterologist with detailed images that allow the detection of polyps and prevention of  colorectal cancer.

The swallowable endoscope capsule is revolutionizing the way men and women maintain their digestive health by providing a non-invasive colon exam. While the patient must still cleanse the digestive tract to provide unobstructed views of the colon, the PillCam eliminates many of the unpleasantries of traditional colonoscopies or invasive endoscopies. Patients who opt for the PillCam require no sedation. This eliminates the need for a facility admittance and Anesthesiologist (potentially saving the patient thousands of dollars and the potential risks of sedation.) The capsule also allows colon screening to be an outpatient procedure. The patient is not required to restrict their activities or find a caretaker to drive them home after the exam.

PillCam Capsule Colonoscopy Near Me

With the capsule colonoscopy, colon exams are more convenient than ever. To empower patients to take control of their health and well-being, Dr. Angela Merlo of the Digestive Health and Nutrition Center provides her patients with the latest technologies, such as the PillCam. To learn more or schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Angela Merlo online or by calling 609-896-0800.


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